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Welcome to the Cape Verde Consulate in Sweden-Stockholm


Everything you need to know before your trip to

Opening hours - Telephone hours

Monday Thursday
11:00 - 13:00
Consulate closed 12/01 - 18/01-2023 but can answer questions by e-mail or SMS.



Visit by appointment only. We only answer the phone during opening hours.

23 October 2022 - There are currently no restrictions on entry to Cabo Verde. Since September 15, 2022, you no longer need to present a Covid certificate or negative test upon entry.  

08 February 2022- Cabo Verde's Public Health Authority - DNS , has updated the recommendations when entering Cabo Verde, from all over the world:

  1. Before traveling to Cabo Verde, everyone is asked to:

    1. Present a valid covid vaccination certificate with complete vaccination schedule or booster dose or;
    2. Valid covid recovery certificate or;
    3. To present a negative test result in connection with departure and upon arrival in Cabo Verde: Antigen test - no more than 48 hours before departure or PCR testing no more than 72 hours before departure. The call to take the either- or PCR test applies to everyone over the age of 12 .
    4. You should also pay extra attention to symptoms during the first 14 days after vaccination. Get tested as soon as possible if you experience symptoms that may indicate covid-19. As advisories are frequently updated, everyone is encouraged to visit https://travel.gov.cv prior to travel.

The corona pandemic is still ongoing, rules and restrictions can change at short notice. It is therefore important to prepare your trip, be well-read, have insurance and travel with extra margins. Listen locally to Cabo Verde Radio and TV for updates on the restrictions. Click on the link https://travel.gov.cv , and if you use the Chrome browser, you will get a translation in Swedish.

Passport - TSA
Cabo Verde accepts a Swedish provisional or temporary passport 

Be aware that when planning your travel to Cabo Verde, your passport must be valid for six months, from the day you return to Sweden. Contact The Swedish Police for further information.


Airport Security Fee 

An online declaration’s registration at least 10-5 days before arrival, and on some occasions when arriving by air in Cabo Verde, is still required via the E.A.S.E. form. Payment of an Airport Security Fee is required before the trip. For more information, visit www.ease.gov.cv

Registrera dig minst 5 dagar före avresan

Öppettider - Telefontid

Måndag - Torsdag 11:00 - 13:00

Besök endast efter tidsbokning.

Vanliga frågor

Gäller provisoriskt pass vid inresa till Kap Verde?
Ja, provisoriskt pass gäller vid inresan till Kap Verde om det är giltigt minst 6 månader efter ankomst till Sverige.

Kan man föra in mediciner till Kap Verde ?
Ja, man kan ta med sig sina mediciner till Kap Verde. Om man har mediciner som har narkotikarelaterad ingredienser, borde man ta med sig ett intyg från sin läkare som intygar hur viktig denna medicin är för en.


Noticias de Cabo Verde 

Nas autárquicas de 2020, o MpD voltou a ganhar, embora com o PAICV a recuperar municípios e a encurtar e distância entre os dois principais partidos. Em Abril passado, o MpD repetiu a vitória de 2016 com maioria absoluta, sob a liderança de Ulisses Correia e Silva, o primeiro-ministro. Domingo, José Maria Neves, afecto ao PAICV, foi eleito...

Cabo Verde foi às urnas no domingo para as eleições Presidenciais 2021 e os resultados ditaram a eleição de José Maria Neves, antigo primeiro-ministro. José Maria Neves foi dirigente do partido PAICV e militante há cerca de 40 anos, deputado nacional, presidente de Câmara e ministro. Estas eleições tiveram uma abstenção de 51,7%, apesar dos...

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